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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Welcome to my first weekly recap! Normally, I won't write a little blurb like this before the recap, but I thought it might be necessary for the first one. Basically, at the end of every day, Monday through Saturday, I sit down and write about what my day was like and what I want to improve, look forward to the next day, etc. This week started on Wednesday because that was the day I came up with this idea. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Today was a crazy busy (but super fun) day! On a normal school day I need to be ready to start school by 9 a.m. Since my siblings and I are on spring break right now, our parents have been planning a lot of fun activities for us to do close to home. Today we left our house at 8. In. The. Morning. I know a lot most people are already at school by that time but my body is just not used to that, so it was hard to get out of bed and get motivated to get ready, but I kept the end goal in sight and we were out the door (almost) on schedule. We packed everyone in the car, which included my parents, my two siblings, my aunt, and my best friend, Haley. After driving for almost two hours, we were finally at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. We walked around for a little over two hours, we explored more of Newport before walking over the Purple People Bridge to Cincinnati, Ohio. Haley and I had a mini photo shoot while my brother and sister played on the cutest playground. After half an hour(ish) we walked back over the bridge to the plaza by the aquarium. My siblings and I had Coldstone Creamery ice cream for the first time (it’s delicious, by the way) and we headed home. Now, it’s 7:55 PM and I’ve been working on some fun stuff for the blog ever since we got home, which was around 5:45. I’m exhausted, but feeling more optimistic and excited about the future than I have in a while!

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow…



Thursday, March 14, 2019

Today was so much less eventful than yesterday. I woke up at 10:30 and my great aunt and grandma were already in the kitchen chatting with my parents… it was very awkward because I had just rolled out of bed and walked downstairs (I was still in my pajamas)! Other than that, my day was boring. I spent most of my day until dinnertime working on the blog post I put up today. It’s been kind of frustrating today because some of the programs I use just simply aren’t cooperating or I’m confused about how to use them, but I’m taking it one step at a time and making sure I don’t get too overwhelmed. I’m having so much fun with this, but it’s pretty time-consuming! I can’t really complain though, because I really don’t have anything better to do. After dinner, I went to my best friend's house, and we watched A Star Is Born. Honestly, we didn't understand all the high reviews... I thought the story was pretty confusing despite the amazing acting and music. I could just get confused easily though (haha)! As I already said, I had a pretty uneventful day. So, it's 10:45 now and I'm at home and I'm getting ready for bed.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be more eventful...



Friday, March 15, 2019

Today was a busy day! I woke up relatively late (again), but I got a lot done today! I think it really helped boost my mood, too, because I felt happy and energized all day. I cleaned my room, did laundry, submitted a few forms for the blog, and so much more! I love having productive days because it doesn't let me have time to just sit around and be sad because I'm doing nothing. I did a lot of planning today, too, and it made me so excited for the future! I feel like this blog is overall making me so happy, excited and optimistic! Anyway, I guess even though I did a lot there isn't that much fun stuff to talk about since everything was chore-related. I have fun stuff planned for tomorrow, though!

I can’t wait to tell you about it…



Saturday, March 16, 2019

I forgot how busy my day was until I sat down to write this! I woke up at around 10 to get ready because I wanted to take pictures in the Short North today. However, my plans quickly fell to pieces because tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and there are like a gazillion bars and pubs in the Short North. We couldn't find parking so we decided to start driving home and pull over if we saw a good place to take pictures. We saw a little pavilion by the Scioto Mile that I thought was great, especially because you could see the downtown skyline in the background. Despite me almost dying because it was 37º and I wasn't wearing a coat, I was super happy with how my photos turned out, (shout out to my mom for being a great personal photographer) so we went home. I was able to relax and have the house to myself for a little while until my sister got home. She told me about her marvelous plans to trap a leprechaun. Yeah, I was a little confused too, but it was so fun to spend time making the little house with her and I know how happy it made her. It's 9:50 now and I'm writing this last-minute before I post it. I had a fun week and I'm excited for the adventures next week!

See you then...



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