Planning to Be Productive

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Hey everyone, today I'm sharing some tips on how to plan to be productive. I have a post similar to this one, "How I Get Myself Motivated," which you should definitely read before this one. It takes motivation to be productive, too! I use a lot of different apps, planners, notebooks, calendars and more to plan to be productive. It can definitely be a process, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

One thing that I've been familiar with since I was really young is a dry erase calendar. My mom has always used a dry erase calendar to plan events and appointments for everyone in our family. I use my calendar to plan posts, holidays, free time, and everything in between. I especially love dry erase calendars because it's really easy to switch things around in an organized way. The only downside is that I can't bring it everywhere with me, but I can take a picture on my phone. It's just a little less convenient because I can't switch anything around. It can also be messy because it's hard to write on a wall. I do use an app on my phone, though, that looks just like my calendar.

I love using Google Calendar! It's so convenient and easy for me to use. I can also bring it anywhere and switch around things in the app, then on my dry erase calendar when I get home. One of my favorite features of Google Calendar is how you can share events with other people that use it. It was also really useful when I was in school and I was planning group projects. I also love how easy Google Calendar is to use. It's very user-friendly and makes it easy to see if I've overbooked myself or how much of my day a certain task will take up. I find it really useful on busy days when I don't even know where to start on all the things I need to get done. I plan my days the night before or the morning of. It's helpful for me because I like to stick to a schedule and know exactly when I can take a break or when I need to stay focused.

Another one of the biggest tips I can give on productivity is using a bullet journal. I am obsessed with my bullet journal. I don't decorate it as much as some people do, but I find it to be a really easy way to keep my tasks in order. I find myself being the most productive when I have a list to cross off. It's like a challenge to see how quickly and efficiently I can get my list completed. I make lists in my designated list section in my bullet journal. You can even use a bullet journal as a weekly or daily planner and calendar.

If you're not about the bullet journal life, that's okay too. I've seen all sorts of cute stationery made for being as productive as you can. You name it, from checklists to productivity trackers, they've got it. I've also used stickers that can be used in planners, bullet journals, random pieces of paper, or anything your heart desires.

My final tip for being productive is to set timers or reminders. I have an Amazon Echo Dot in my room. I use it to set my alarm to wake up in the morning, as well as alarms, reminders, and timers throughout the day to remind me of all sorts of things. My Alexa even has a feature that can motivate me to get up and be productive.

Just like everyone, I struggle to be productive sometimes. However, when I apply these tips to my life I find it easy to get stuff done and take on busy days.

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