How I Get Myself Motivated

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I think motivation is something almost everyone can say they've struggled with at some point. I know I struggle to get motivated all the time, especially if I have to do something I don't want to, and even when it's something I do want to do. However, I've learned over time how I get motivated and how I motivate myself, so I thought I'd share with you some of my tips and tricks!

Look for the Pros and Forget the Cons

When I think about the good stuff that will come out of whatever it is that I need to do instead of overthinking the bad things, I tend to be more willing to do what I need to do. It might seem a little bit obvious, but it's something I often forget about and it also slows me down in doing a lot of things. I definitely need to work on this one, it's hard to remember to change your mindset but it's normally worth it in the end!

What Can I Do After?

When I make a list of other things I can do when I'm done, it's a great motivator to remind me to keep going! It's especially helpful for me when I have to do something I just really do not want to do. I normally list out things like FaceTiming my friends, watching YouTube or Netflix, etc.


For more long term tasks, I make sure I'm actually going to be committed. Whether I do it with a friend, write it in a planner, set a reminder on my phone, or through some other way, I make sure I'm going to be committed.

Get Excited

I get myself really excited about the positives that will come out of the situation or what I need to do. Whether they come during or after whatever it is, I make sure I'm excited about them beforehand. It's similar to the mindset idea I talked about earlier - focusing on positives and getting yourself excited about it.

Reward Yourself

I love sugar and sweets with my whole heart, so it's not hard for me to use those things as motivators on small tasks. I recommend finding a treat or activity that makes you happy to reward yourself with after completing a task. It makes it that much more worth it!

Get Those Endorphins Pumping

If I'm having a lazy day (or moment), I take my dog for a walk or run, come home and get so much done! Exercise really helps wake you up and make you more motivated to work hard and get stuff done.

I hope I helped you get more motivation if you needed it, or at least gave you some ideas about how to get yourself motivated the next time you need it! But remember, everyone is different and some of these tips might not work for you (although I hope they do). Don't give up though, because you'll find your perfect motivation soon and these tips can definitely help you!

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Until next time!

Pilar <3

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