An Introduction to Positively Pilar Lauren

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Hey! I'm so glad you're here! This blog is already so important and exciting to me and I hope you will enjoy it too. To start off, my name is Pilar and I'm fifteen years old. I have a twelve year old brother, Jack, and a six year old sister, Emily. We also have two pets, our dog, Kylie, and our cat, Mittens. I'm a sophomore in high school and my life has changed so drastically over the past year.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and I even have a failed attempt floating around somewhere on the internet. I used to have so much less free time for stuff like this, or even being able to express my creativity in any way. When I went to public school, I barely even had time to think about how much time it took out of my day. I would wake up between 6:20 and 6:50, get ready as quick as humanly possible, have a quick bite to eat, and head out the door to make sure I was at school on time. Then, I would get home at around 3:15 and do homework for the rest of the night, sleep, and repeat the next day. It was so emotionally and physically draining, not to mention the fact that I was struggling to control my anxiety while at school too.

Halfway through the first quarter of my sophomore year, I started begging my mom to let me do online school or be homeschooled. At first, she would just simply say no, since there was really no good reason as to why I would be homeschooled. After both of my parents telling me no many times, I decided to make a presentation with researched evidence to convince them to let me be homeschooled. Eventually, after endless appointments, more research, and a full month had gone by, I left my public high school and my life changed tremendously.

Since starting homeschool, I've had so much more free time. I've been able to develop a closer relationship with my family and friends and I've been able to put more time into more creative activities, such as my YouTube channel Pilar Lauren and this blog. However, this isn't a plug for homeschool, because it's definitely not for everyone. I'm a really driven, workaholic person, and I'm able to stay focused and actually do my work.

So now that you know more about me, what should you expect from my blog? This blog is geared towards high schoolers, but all are welcome! As I've already said, I'm a sophomore in high school. I love giving advice to friends and family and this blog will definitely include advice on certain topics, as well as lifestyle posts about my life in general, including friendships, school, mental health, finding your passions and so much more!

There's so much more to my life, but I'll get into all of that later in this journey. I normally try to be as upbeat and positive as possible, but we all have our days and our emotions are valid, which is something I stress so much to everyone I meet, so I promise I'll be as transparent as I can and let you feel all the feels and I'll feel all the feels with you too! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you stick around with me!

Until next time,

Pilar <3

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